What is Peoplz & Dragons?

In a nutshell Peoplz & Dragons is a hybrid of social role-playing and interactive storytelling. Our brand offers Audio Drama and storytelling where the listeners can put themselves into the story and effect it's outcome. How you say?

Step#1: Create a character that will exist in Gamma Haven

Step#2: When the "Phase Opens", players are presented with 2, "Events" or "Story". Choose one.

Step#3: Follow the instructions of the submission form to create an action to submit.

Step#4: Sit back and watch your actions affect the outcome of the story.

Optional Steps

Join Discord:
Join our Discord Servers to meet, mingle and role-play with other players who have characters in the game. Plan, strategize, form alliances and rivalries, all in good fun. Also a great source of knowledge as people are usually willing to answer any and all questions.

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