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RolePunk is our Discord Roleplaying game for the community. Looking into our RolePunk rooms should feel like glimpsing into Haven City Itself. With simple rules and more of that P&D design, RolePunk tasks you with living your role. You punk...
Show us a slice of your life.
Flesh out drama between your characters, so when you cross paths on the grand stage its personal. Or even clash, but that can get ugly.



PVE is a means of roleplaying and worldbuilding with your allies and enemies.
Players will have access to every district in the setting represented by in-character roleplaying rooms in our Discord server. We encourage you to inhabit any location your character would and roleplay your day to day.

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To RolePunk is to share glimpses into your character's everyday life, dealing with trivial life events suspended but revolving around the grand stage.

Share with us the events that take place in your day, throughout the day. Or go back in forth in real time with other players creating a one of a kind scene.


Trivial Matters

RolePunk is mainly for world and character development, and competitive roleplaying.
Objectives you achieve in RolePunk will have little impact on the grand scheme, but more so your current role playing situation. Save your grand endeavors for the main stage if you want better results.


PunkType Role

Each punktype is responsible for a specific aspect of the ecosystem. You want your roleplaying topics to reflect your Punktype Role. These will be posted for reference. Only by building on your Role are you made eligible for a chance at rewards, though, you can still roleplay about anything.

Rewards will go to players who can roleplay the ups, as well as the downs in their life. Playing into your opposition’s hand makes for a good drama.


Because conflicts can breakout between characters amidst the drama, you will have a way to stand your ground or overcome.


Challenge and Accept

If someone challenges you for any reason, they must state their goal, and that they are challenging you.
-Example #1; My goal is to raid your home, I challenge you.
-Example #2; My goal is to generate bad publicity on your Law Firm, I challenge you.
The duel begins after you state your own goals and accept the challenge. The Person who gets down the first message kicks it off.



The objective is to roleplay and take turns attempting to write your opponents into a corner giving them no possible way for their character to overcome your narrative.

Anything you write goes, as long as it makes sense and is justified by for your character. You also cannot take actions on behalf of anyone but yourself.

All players have base cards that will allow fair rolepunking on an even playing field.


Base Techs

A Flop
Use your turn to embellish on your opponent's last action against you as a show of good sportsmanship. This gives you a tiny bit of control over the narrative that's negatively affecting you.

A Suddenly
Once per duel you can freely counter any narrative no matter how unjustified it is, but you must have already performed a Flop twice.

An Interrupt
If Target's turn was more than 5 lines (sentences of narration or dialouge) long you can freely interject somewhere in their narrative of your choosing and finish it you achieving your goal instantly. If sentences are run on sentences/ too long, this may not hold up well in the court of public opinion. Keep it short and sweet.
(If both players agree to remove sentence limits, this will be allowed)

A Time Skip
If Target does not respond respond in an hour


Close-In Technique

Call this first when you believe there is no way your target can "narratively avoid" your turn action. Use at your own risk.

The target of a close-in must counter-close for a win. If the defense successfully counter closes. They Overcome, achieve their goal and win.
Closing in spirals quickly into deathblows, so don't initiate until you set up and are supported by your narrative.

If they cannot write their way out, they must write surrender narrative and give you the closing action.


Judges & Disputes

A dispute is when a player disagrees with their target's counter close reasoning, or justification of turn actions.

If a dispute occurs, it is taken to RolePunk court of public opinion and then 2 judge make the final ruling. If both judges can't agree, they contact me and I'll cast judgment.

If you lose in court, you are sentenced to X amount of time on the revoked dispute rights list.


Revoked Dispute List

While in this list you lose disputing rights.

The sentence length is determined by the people based on how reasonable you're case was.

Be a good sport, go with the flow and choose your court battles. Losing a court battle has consequences whereas losing a RolePunk match has none.

Both judges are determined by the people and are elected for their good judgment. Elections are the first Monday of every Month.


There are several reward types


Archive Reward

If the Archivist sees roleplaying they like, the Archivist will write a short story of your escapades in turn canonizing it.


Lore Passes

If I catch a member playing their role, I will give them a Lore Pass.

A password you can take to and use to submit any kind of lore you want to become canon. Good for when you have lore ideas that you want to fire off.


District Event Pass

An event pass is awarded to players who are being positive and just great members of the community. It is a password needed to enter District Events.

District Events
Occasionally locked events will appear in district rooms. The Event Pass allows you to enter solo or collab with up to 5 friends on a mini story about your escapades and the outcome of them. This becomes canonized.