Manic is an audiodrama about a middle aged man with a mutant mental disorder living in the city of Haven. You the listener take on the role as just another entity sharing his own mind with him. Create an interesting personality, some traits, and a trigger that brings your personality out. Kick back and enjoy another Manic episode.


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Create an entity with it's personality traits that will overcome Berten Perpendicular when a specific requirement is triggered. Your emotion source is your family, sometime you may squabble as only one can pilot Berten. 

Choose an emotion you branch from
This will be who comes in control of Berten.
Be specific
These are traits Berten will possess when your'e in control

Entities in Berten’s Head


Byron Fear-Monger

Trigger: Any loud, sudden noise such as a glass item breaking or a gunshot.


Haberdasher (Vigilance)

Trigger: Someone implying he is stupid or incompetent


Mother Dearest

Parental Pride


Episode 1 Premise

Berten Perpendicular is in need of a steady job to keep him afloat between his spotty journalism income and odd jobs.
He landed a job interview in the morning at Mesa Mart a few districts over.
Little does he know…his mutated disorder with blossom this day. 

Who is your entity?