HavenPunk Rules 

HavenPunk is solely about roleplaying while worldbuilding within Haven. It expands on the Gamma Haven series and let's you share with us parts of Haven City we never knew about in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get a HavenPunk

  • Make a HavenPunk by choosing an occupation and race to roleplay as. (See Occupations and Races)

  • Retrieve your Haven Punk's "unique skill" from Director Peoplz in Discord. This will be a random skill created by me. This skill will be customized to fit your occupation.

Step 2: Roleplay in Palladia (Discord Channel)

  • The objective is to roleplay and improv in character with other HavenPunks. Making up words and exaggerating about stories is the name of the game. Make it up as you go and try to sound like you know what you're talking about. No one will know.

  • If everyone stays in character and roll off of eachothers made up sci fi talk, the Haven City setting will come to life. We encourage you to be inquisitive about other's lives as well to move the conversation naturally.

Step 3: Jobs/Events & Lore Topics

  • Jobs and Events will be posted in the HavenPunks Discord Channel. Jobs and Events will be scenarios and prompts based off of lore submissions.

  • As a HavenPunk we encourage you to write a mini story of how you handled the Job or Event using your skill set. Thanks to Plotist we now have a place for you to create smaller stories that exist in the Gamma Haven Universe that you can LINK to the Gamma Haven Universe.

  • The objective is to tell a story centered around the Job or Event's TOPIC. Short, long, comedic, a thriller, a mystery, let it reflect your HavenPunk

Step 4: Mortality, Canon Awards

  • Mortality: You're HavenPunk can die during any episode. That's right, in every episode a random unlucky few will be swallowed up in the destruction of the Gamma Haven main series. So make your stories count and live Haven life to the fullest!

  • Story Awards: We will hold a poll for the community's top voted HavenPunk story submission. I will also choose an additional story as a personal favorite. Each winning story will be cemented into the history of the Lore Topic thus becoming "canon".


Tell your Punk Ass Story