artwork by  Josan Gonzalez

artwork by Josan Gonzalez

Phase Open + Update

Hello people! In my attempts to improve P&D,  I have made some vast adjustments that cater heavy to our roleplayers and storytellers. Although everything that occurs in a Gamma Haven episode is canon, however now YOU TOO can tell your character's story relative to the events of past episodes and share these stories with everyone. You can even write them with others collabing on a story about your character's endeavors together. They can be long or short stories as long as they don't conflict with the episode’s events. More on this in the new Rules Sections. The old site where we kept the lore was okay for the time, but the addition of Plotist we not have a place to tell stories and build the world out while roleplaying within it. Be sure to sign up with Plotist so you can join as a storyteller, or if you don’t want to sign up you can still view and read everyone else’s content.

Please take a gander at all the new changes below.


-Major changes to HavenPunk

-NEW Storytelling feature

-NEW Timeline Submissions

-Added Gamma Haven Lexicodex

-Added Gamma Haven Rules

-Added HavenPunk Rules

-New sustainable Patron Perks

-Phase is Open

Major Haven Punk Changes

-More lore based with focus on storytelling and roleplaying.

-Choose occupation/race,  get assigned a random skill for a unique build.

-Complete jobs by writing a mini story about your success and feats.

-Become part of the canon by winning the community vote for favorite story.

NEW Storytelling Feature

-Thanks to Plotist players can now share and create in-character stories together for the community to see.

NEW Timeline Submissions

-Pick an episode that happened in the past and tell us how your character was effected. What were they doing? Tell us a story.

Added Gamma Haven Lexicodex

-Moved all lore from old site into a better location.

Added Gamma Haven Rules

-Created simple rules for viewing (in progress)

Added HavenPunk Rules

-Provided simple rules for viewing.

New sustainable Patron Perks

-Added new Timeline perks that let you do more with past episodes

-Added new Solo Adventure Prompts that are meant to explore your character further and posted for everyone to read.

Ep8 Phase is Open! Deadline Wednesday